General aim:

  • To create informal network of mediation organization Euro Net Mediation - truly integrated network of mediators beneficial for each party.

The network mainly aims:

  • To support the development of mediation and related alternative dispute resolution methods in Europe;
  • To bring the participants in close cooperation and to unite their efforts in the common aim for fostering new approaches towards conflict resolution;
  • To exchange experience, best practices, information, know-how;
  • To provide mutual support on good initiatives;
  • To develop effective mediation policies, services and legislation;
  • To promote  the development of principles, ethics, standards;
  • To share common positions before European institutions on important legislative initiatives in the area of ADR or mediation.


  • To organize events, meetings, seminars with world leading specialists from ADR and mediation field for passing of their knowledge and experience;
  • To organize on-line discussions and virtual “round tables” between partner organizations on some topics, initiatives or on any raised issue;
  • To work with governmental, European and international authorities and structures on the field of mediation;
  • To connect with lawyers, law firms, business organisation, administrative and state authorities in the respective countries promoting mediation and ADR;
  • To support and create common projects between partners;
  • To move from the present situation “Mediation for mediators” to the level of “MEDIATION FOR ALL” .


  • Group of various European mediators' organizations, mediation centres and teaching centres;
  • 3-4 national organizations from each European country represented in the group;
  • Independence of the network members of one another. Each member of the network is and will continue to be, solely responsible for its own work product & staff;
  • Awareness that the development of mediation in different countries varies and thus we can take the advantages of sharing experiences, best practices, issues, good solutions;
  • Start of the initiative on 1st November, 2012, in Sofia, through the initial involvement of the participating organizations.

1.  Use of the site– and in particular –
a. upload information about its organization/centre in the Mediation Centres section;
b. benefit from the Online Mediation Centre, i.e. have access to the software for conducting online mediation and further developing this particular field of ADR;
c. use of the Online Mediation Centre for on-line discussions and  virtual “round  tables” between partner organizations on any topics or initiatives proposed by any member of the Network;
d. register mediators in the EuroNet Mediation site;
e. use Euro Net Mediation logo for indicating the initiatives it supports.
2. Share best practices and ethics across countries timely and easily through virtual connection with each other and with clients;
3. Gain from discounts granted by the other  partner organizations for participation in the events it organizes;
4. Use information/contacts from the mediators of the other partner organizations;
5. Access the database of the legal framework, posing questions with regard to that particular framework, etc.;
6. Participate through ideas, experience or other resources in the conduct of seminars and conferences, develop strategies for the future of mediation, create partnerships for project implementation, etc.;
7. Exchange teaching materials and innovative training methods;
8. Digital libraries, publications and interactive courses, virtual round-tables, etc.;
9. As well as any other activity that might be of mutual interest to the participants.

Short terms goals:
1. Further development of the Internet platform –;
2. Development of the initiative Mediation and ADR Friendly Law Firms;
3. Development of the initiative – Mediation for All;
4. Support and discussion on initiatives from different partner organisations.


Mediation is appropriate when the parties need a decision and are willing to negotiate.
Example criteria
Voluntary recourse, ability to take decisions (autonomy)
Participation of a party in mediation is not forced (by threats or in any other way) by the other party or any third party;


Leagal Frame