7-10 May 2014, Peace Palace, The Hague, the Netherlands

Dear colleagues, dear lawyers and dear mediators!

Hereby we would like to draw your attention to the European Conference LEPCA (Lawyers in Europe on Parental Child Abduction) on May 7-10 2014 in The Hague in the famous Peace Palace.

This is a unique possibility to meet and work with experts who are dealing with Parental Child Abduction under the 1980 Hague Convention. The Conference focuses on the needs of lawyers working in this field or lawyers who are interested to become specialized in this area.

Conference program: http://www.lepca.eu/en/conference/programme.html
Registration: http://www.lepca.eu/registration.html

Center IKO and MiKK would be happy to meet as many of you as possible during this Conference funded by the EU as a common project of the two organizations.  PAMB joins their invitation


Mediation is appropriate when the parties need a decision and are willing to negotiate.
Example criteria
Voluntary recourse, ability to take decisions (autonomy)
Participation of a party in mediation is not forced (by threats or in any other way) by the other party or any third party;


Leagal Frame