PAMB is the leading partner in the project „European Network of Mediators for Cross Border Dispute Resolution” , awarded under the "Civil Justice" Program by the European Commission.

PAMB is an association of certified mediators and mediation trainers. The association and its members have an extensive experience in the field of mediation and this  brings out PAMB as a leading NGO that strengthens the positions of mediation in Bulgaria. PAMB is  certified by the Ministry of Justice in Bulgaria organization, that provides certification and advanced trainings of mediators. (Certification is obtained by Order LS-04-900 from 28.11.2007, issued by the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Bulgaria.)

  • PAMB provides competent and qualified assistance in dispute resolution at the Mediation Center, established   by the Association.
  • PAMB works for the promotion of friendly and efficient resolution of disputes through mediation.
  • PAMB works to consolidate a community of people, sharing common views for the development and promotion of mediation in Bulgaria.

The Professional Association of Mediators in Bulgaria was established with the aim to achieve the following important social goals:

  • Building a culture of communication for tolerant and amicable resolution of disputes;
  • Promotion of mediation as an accessible and quality service.

We comply with high standards of quality and provide the following services in the name of the goals that we have set ourselves:


We provide assistance in  resolution of disputes through The Mediation Centre  at the Professional Association of Mediators in Bulgaria.

In this aspect PAMB:

  • Responds to requests for Mediation;
  • Consuls party or parties in a dispute  whether their case is appropriate to be resolved by mediation and submits explanations of the mediation process;
  • Accepts applications for mediation by one or both parties in a dispute;
  • Contacts the second side and seeks consent to conduct mediation;
  • Assists  in selecting the mediator from the List of mediators of PAMB, when the parties wish this;
  • Organizes mediation meetings  and provides the necessary technical and logistical materials to conduct them;
  • Organizes payments for the procedure;
  • Organizes the provision of other services in connection with mediation, such as preparation of expert opinions, independent legal advice, translations, psychological counseling and other services.


PAMB organizes:

  • trainings in mediation;
  • specialized trainings in skills for resolving disputes;
  • awareness seminars on mediation

If you have questions or if you wish to participate in training, contact us.
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Upcoming training and seminars


  • We maintain an information site for mediation -
  • We publish articles on mediation.
  • We publish and distribute brochures and information materials about mediation - if you want to receive such contact us.

E-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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